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Dan Allan and John Kurland will work together to make Nick look dumb if he tries to make a show of this process. ”His handshake was firm, congratulations.

Rob J. rode home and hitched up the buckboard because he had the feeling that Moon should be there when he came to pick up her husband. In her normal housecoat and a bonnet that Makwa had owned, she sat upright and, even for her own standards, exceptionally silent on the wagon. Rob noticed that she was very nervous. He tied the horse in front of the bank and she waited in the wagon while he wrote the check and handed it to John Kurland, a serious young man who greeted the moon politely but without any warmth at the introduction.

After the lawyer left, Rob J. sat down on the cart next to Moon. He left the horse tied where it was and they sat and looked over at the door of Mort London’s office. Even though it was September, the sun was still hot.

The wait seemed unusually long to them. Finally, the moon touched his arm, because the door opened and the man walking by, singing, stepped out, bent down so that he could get undamaged under the door frame.

They noticed Mond and Rob J. immediately and approached them. The one who walks along singing started to run, maybe because he was happy about the newfound freedom, maybe also because he instinctively wanted to flee from this prison, but after a few resilient sentences something barked above and behind him, and then it popped off two roofs across the street.

Pyawanegawa the hunter, the guide, the hero of the stick-and-ball game, should have fallen with dignity – like a giant tree – but he stumbled and stumbled like an ordinary man and then fell face forward into it Dust. Rob J. jumped off the car and ran to him, but the moon couldn’t move. When he was with him and turned him over, he saw what Moon already knew. One bullet had struck him right in the neck and two others in the chest, barely an inch apart. Two heart shots, it looked like – both fatal. Kurland came running up too and now stood by in helpless horror. Moments later, London and Holden emerged from the sheriff’s office. Mort let Kurland explain what had happened and then ordered his men to search the roofs on either side of the street. Nobody seemed particularly surprised to find it empty.

Rob J. had remained kneeling next to Who Goes Singing, but now he stood up and looked Nick Holden in the eye.

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